Thursday, February 21, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posting on here lately. I've had several days at work recently where I simultaneously wanted to pull my hair out and/or bang my head on my desk. But things seem to be looking up! Training has been going really well. I did a 14 miler on Sunday morning that felt good. It was about 50 degrees and breezy - perfect running weather.

I did get a chance try out some new Clif Shot Blok flavors on my Saturday and Sunday morning runs. On Saturday I strayed from my normal Lemon-Lime blok and tried a Margarita flavored blok. Now I generally love most Clif products, but these Margarita flavored bloks are just nasty! I have renamed them Snot Bloks, because that's about what they taste like They are so salty. However, on Sunday morning I struck gold with the Cran Razz flavor - these are great!

I would like to pose a question to any and all runners, nutrition-minded people, or people with good sense that read the blog (that basically means everyone!) Throughout this training regimen, I have been craving sugar like nobody's business. It's all I want, all the time. For the love of my midsection and teeth, I try to keep these cravings at bay with graham crackers and peanut butter, apples, or yogurt - but sometimes they don't do the trick and I go for the fun-pack bag of Skittles (at least I try to keep my portion size small!) or Cookies and Cream ice cream or dark chocolate. I've significantly cut back on my Gatorade intake this training season. During last spring and summer I consumed a lot of sports drinks while training - for one because it was so hot and I was losing so many electrolytes on runs. But during this snowy, icy season - I just can't really stomach the stuff. Is my body trying to tell me something? Or maybe I'm just an emotional eater and it has more to do with the desire to bang my head on my desk while at work...


at the village gate said...

Your craving for sugar could be a sign of candida overgrowth. Candida feeds on sugars and will give you a massive sweet tooth to get what it needs. It may sound extreme, but doing a candida cleanse may help. I have info about it if you are interested.

Megan said...

Candida overgrowth...mmmm sounds delicious.