Friday, November 2, 2007

Marathon Pictures

I'm a marathoner!

Spotting Chad, Dru, and Amberly at mile 25.5

A strange smile/grimace look at 25.5

With Dru and Amberly at the finish (...I'm not exactly sure why that area of my shirt was wet)

With my supportive hubby, Chad

Post-race fare at Joe's Crab Shack



jazzyjo said...

You look fantastic for this marathon! Great job!

Megan said...

Hmm delicious burger from Joe's...remember when you ate yours in a complete circle and had one tiny bite left..and I reached over and snatched it right off your plate? I'm sure you remember because we don't often forget food-related memories. Anyways, cool pictures and I'm glad you've got some goals set for next year! I am finally getting on the right track to start training for a bodybuilding competition..I will do one eventually!

jen said...

Great pictures!! You're so cute! Looks like you were having a great time- I love that post-race smile. Congrats again. :)

amberly said...

i look like a goober. how is it you can run over 26 miles and look better than me. sigh...