Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kentucky Experience

Chad and I had a true Kentucky experience last night We went to the Jessamine County Fair Demolition Derby. Oh, it was an experience. This was my first demolition derby, and I was not disappointed. Our friends Tony and Melissa saw it advertised a few days ago, and immediately thought of Chad. We arrived at the track (or mud pit, rather) just as the firefighters were hosing down the dirt. I later realized that this was to enable full "mud slinging into the crowd" capabilities. It was actually pretty fun watching the cars slamming into each other, hearing the hoots and hollers from the rowdy crowd, and gasping at the occasional flame shooting out of an engine.

After watching a few matches (again, I'm not too familiar with the DD lingo) we headed over to the fair. We didn't ride any rides - but we definitely hit up the funnel cake stand. I was in full fair-mode and I ate a funnel cake, part of Chad's chicken on a stick, and drank a coke. This was all about 9:30pm...after I had already eaten a full dinner. I thought for sure I would struggle through my run this morning with oil and sludge and powdered sugar flowing through my veins, but I actually ran at a faster pace and felt really good at the end. Maybe I've found a secret source of electrolytes tucked away in fried carny food.

Here is a picture from the night (sorry for the blurry cell phone camera shot, that me on the left and Melissa on the right)

And another Kentucky experience...when Chad killed this snake in our backyard by hitting it in the head with a brick.

PS: Sorry for all of the template changes on the blog. I saw a lady at the fair last night with an argyle sweater that was to die for, it was kelly green, white, and light pink - my favorite colors. It inspired me to jazz the site up a little bit!


amberly said...

i like the green. i do not like snakes. i like funnel cake. i do not like mud. i have equivocal feelings about this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Chad he is my hero! Saving you and Emma from that LONG snake!!

Anonymous said...

That hero one was from MOM

Megan said...

You let me know when the next fair is and I will time my visit to the big KY to coincide. You better be watching Big Brother!

Sarah said...

I love how you guys are digging into the culture! And mentioning green, pink, and white argyle has given me a knitting inspiration, so thank you.